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Women's Health

Women’s Health Implementation Group

The Women’s Health Implementation Group was established in May 2018 to address specific areas of women’s health requiring urgent attention and improvement. 

We have been directed by the Health Minister to deliver the recommendations from the following three task and finish reports as part of a five year programme of work:



  • A new care pathway for endometriosis, expediting referral from primary to secondary care specialists for skilled and effective treatment.
  • Supporting the one in ten women of Wales that suffer with endometriosis with effective and rapid diagnosis and treatment.
  • Welsh Government and NHS Wales to establish a national strategy recognising endometriosis as a prevalent and debilitating condition.
  • Improved public awareness of the condition
  • Removing the stigma and taboos with early education in schools to help early diagnosis.
  • Revised approaches to data collection and analysis 
  • Whole system patient reported data to help inform decision making processes, strategies and choices.