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Young adults living with diabetes

SEREN Connect is a double award winning programme helping diabetes teams to deliver a holistic education programme to 14-25 year olds to enable them to learn to live with Type 1 diabetes.

The primary focus of SEREN Connect is to prepare 16-18 year olds for life beyond paediatric care, in terms of living well with Type 1 diabetes, and the move to adult services.

The programme is also suitable for use in adult services for young adults who have been diagnosed at 18+. This service has been provided to all specialist diabetes teams across Wales which makes it accessible to all young people in Wales.

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There are an increasing number of health based youth workers being integrated into care for young people across the UK.

The Type 1 Diabetes Youth (T1DY) Project is being piloted to explore the benefits of using a youth work model to improve diabetes. The project’s aim is to develop a flexible provision to support young people with diabetes moving from paediatric to adult services.

T1DY is a joint initiative between NHS Wales and Hwb Torfaen. The youth worker can support the non-clinical aspects of living with diabetes and wider areas of their life as needed on a voluntary basis.

This holistic approach supports young people to feel happy, to have good quality of life and feel confident in managing their diabetes. Support can be 1:1, as a group or as part of clinic and is scheduled with the young people to suit them.

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The All Wales Standards for People with Diabetes Moving from Paediatric Services within NHS Wales set recommendations that health boards are expected to implement to improve the service offered to young people as they move from paediatrics to adult services.

The standard outlines best practice observed in Wales and beyond for setting up and running excellent service provision to aid what’s commonly referred to as ‘Transitional Care.’ It sets standards of joint-working, the importance of continuity in services until 25 years and introduces the main issues that diabetes specialist teams will need to be aware of for young people living with diabetes.

These include the delivery of structured education programmes, psychology provision, advising on pregnancy and pre-conception, offering support as young people move away from home, caring for young people who are in prison or otherwise detained, as well as a number of different areas that will require support. 

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The All Wales Patient Reference Group (AWPRG) is a group funded by the All Wales Diabetes Implementation Group and run by people living with diabetes across Wales. It aims to raise the voices of people living with diabetes, and to input into national work streams as often as possible.

In 2021 a youth branch was set up for young adults 18-30 to reflect the specific needs of young adults so they can shape and influence services for their age group.

Meetings are held virtually once a month in the evening. There is an open invite to anyone that would like to join or ask for further information.

Email for details.